Explosive Growth in Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce Conference

Need evidence that the world of technology is moving to the cloud?  Look no further than the explosive growth that has occurred for Salesforce.com‘s annual conference, called Dreamforce. Salesforce.com is one of the pioneer’s of the cloud computing industry. They have been hosting the Dreamforce conference, which brings together leaders in the industry, since 2003 and it has become the premier cloud computing conference in the world.

The amazing growth of the conference is displayed beautifully in the infographic below developed by the creative companys Jess3 and Eloqua.   I was really surprised to see that in just 9 years the number of attendees has increased nearly 20 fold – from 1,100 in 2003 to over 23,000 in 2010!  I think that the growth of the Dreamforce conference just reinforces how explosive the cloud computing industry is and will continue to be.

Thanks to Jess3 and Eloqua for allowing the great infographic below to be reprinted.