Box Changing Domain Name to

Box, the file content management and file storage service, recently announced on their blog that they will be changing its domain extension from ‘.net’ to ‘.com’.  They stated that the reason for the change was to that the company “..needed a trusted and updated, enterprise-worthy domain”.This appears to be another step in the evolution of Box from a small start-up to a major player in the cloud computing and file content management industry.  In my opinion, Box has done an excellent job distinguishing themselves from others in the marketplace by offering a great brand and a great product.   There are several cloud-based file services on the market, including services like DropBox and SugarSync, but Box has been able to distinguish themselves as a niche product that offers more than just file storage and syncing files across multiple devices.

When I first heard about the change, I was a little bit concerned that the links that I have shared using the ‘.net’ address would not work.  After testing several of my linked files it doesn’t appear that there are any problems.   Based on some of the comments from the blog post, it sounds like some users IT departments may need to change some of their firewall settings so that the new domain does not get blocked.