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Ge.tt Offers a Great File Sharing Service

I’ve recently been playing around with the file sharing site Ge.tt and have been quite impressed. Unlike many of the other file sharing sites out there, Ge.tt offers a simple user interface, a process that allows to share files quickly, and the ability to create multiple storage locations with separate URL links.

In addition, some of the other capabilities that I think distinguish from other file sharing sites include:

– Sharing capabilities through Twitter, Facebook, and email

– Ability to create what Ge.tt calls “Shares”, which are essentially separate storage locations with unique URL address.

– Automatic shortened URL links for “Shares”

One of the other cool features about Ge.tt is that you don’t have to be registered to use the service.  It reminds me a bit of the former file sharing/collaboration site Drop.io, which unfortunately no longer exists since it was bought by Facebook.  It’s not quite as open as Drop.io was, but it does have some similar features.

You also have the option to register, which offer you some additional functionality.    It currently offers 3 GB of storage for registered users.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Ge.tt file sharing service.  I think its biggest strength is its simplicity and ease of use.   I will definitely be incorporating this service into my file sharing and storage toolbox.