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Comparing 7 Free Cloud Storage and Syncing Services

There are several options for storing you files on the cloud and syncing them across multiple computers – how do you know which one is best for you?

Below is a summary of seven popular file storage and syncing services. I’ve compared 7 popular storage services against four categories; amount of free storage, ability to sync across multiple computers/devices, ability to sync user defined folders, and if it offers a mobile application through Android or the iPhone.

Services with Most Features
As I have discussed in a previous post, I still believe that SugarSync offers the best value for a cloud-based file storage and syncing service.  They offer several features that I find advantageous over the others, including 5GB of free storage, a mobile application, and a very nice interface for syncing files across multiple device.

I recently starting using Windows Live Mesh and was impressed with Microsoft’s offering.  They offer a full 5 GB of free storage that can be synced across multiple computers.  I found the syncing to be fast and efficient.   Setting up user defined folders was a little bit of hassle, but works well once the set up was complete.

The Market Leaders
I’ve discussed both DropBox and Box.net previously on this site.  Both of these are great options and are market leaders.  DropBox offers slightly less storage with their free version and also does not have the ability to select custom folders, but still is a very popular choice.  Box.net actually integrates a lot of enhanced features, making it more of a Content Management System.  They offer a lot of collaboration features which several of the other services do not offer.

The 2GB Storage Group
, Syncplicity, and SpiderOak round out the other services that I reviewed.  Each of these are very similar in functionality, offer 2GB of free storage, and have the ability to sync across multiple computers.  If you are looking for a free service, I like SugarSync over these because of the larger amount of free storage.

With dozens and dozens of file storage systems on the market today, it can be very difficult to find the service that meets your needs.   If you are looking for a decent amount of storage, with the ability to sync across multiple devices I would recommend trying out some of the services I have discussed here.